It’s very normal to want to have a copyright symbol and the current year in the footer of your website – when you look at sites that have “© two years ago” in their footer it makes the site lack credibility instantly.

So how do you change the footer in Divi to add the copyright symbol and year?

Unfortunately there is no way to automatically add the year. You will have to manually update this each year (why not set an Asana reminder task on annual repeat?).

  1. Open the Divi Theme Customizer
  2. Click on “Footer”
  3. Click on “Bottom Bar”
  4. Scroll down to “Edit Footer Credits”
  5. Add the following code to your site:
© 2020 Your Business Name

Voila – you now have an updated footer that reflects the copyright symbol and attributes the content on your site to your business name. Just remember to keep this updated year on year!